Heroine of the Strait        

The Heroine of the Strait, a Romance of Detroit . . . . , by Mary Catherine Crowley

         Little, Brown, 1902

Although unsigned, this cover exhibits numerous elements of Sacker's work, including the lettering of the author's name, and the flaming hearts seen in the design for Strang's Famous Actors of the Day.  This title is also known in a red/burgundy cover, seen below with a scarce dust jacket--my thanks to Christina Kraus, of the Classics Department at Yale, for this image. In July, 2016, I discovered that the cover design for Crowley's A Daughter of New France, without a monogram and without a spine design, had been re-used for this title (see below).


                    Variant vinding design

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Heroine burgundy

Heroine Strait DJ

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