Amy Sacker's Monograms

Her earliest signatures are simply her initials, her first initial and her last name, or even a script signature. Later, she began to use the interlocking monogram of either AS or AMS.  her decisions about what signature to use may relate as well to the setting, illustration or cover. In one of her last known illustrations, from 1916, she returns to utilizing her full name (see below).

      Rab and his Friends   (1893/95) One of her illustrations

   A Provence Rose     (1894)   The frontispiece

  A Provence Rose     (1894)   One of her illustrations (a very different look)

     Cap and Gown: Some College Verse (1893 Cover

       Will O' the Mill (1895)    One of  her  illustrations

     Jackanapes  (1895)    Her design for the Table of Contents page

      The Prince of the Pin Elves (1897)    One of  her  illustrations

        This simple monogram appears on the many volumes of the "Court Memoir"  series published by L. C. Page in 1899 and 1900.

             This clear and bold AMS monogram appears  on James Otis's   The Minute Boys of the Green Mountains  (1904)   


     Angels In Art  (1898An early use of the  AMS interlocked monogram

      This monogram comes from a title page used on several books beginning   about 1903

Allen monogram      Belgium (1903)   A rare monogram on the spine of the book, rather than on the cover

         Patriot and Tory (1904)     a less bold version of the AMS monogram

Jolly Book monogram         The Jolly Book for Boys & Girls  (1915)   The AMS monogram appears on the cover, but the illustrations  use her full name.


Bird Friends (1916)   In one of her last known works, Amy returns, for the title page and frontispiece designs, to the use of her full last name, albeit with a bolder look.

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