A number of people have been of utmost service to me as I have tried to develop this "web presence" for Amy Sacker.  I only hope I can remember them all!

      Anne Stewart O'Donnell, a scholar/historian who has done a great deal of research on Sacker, going through the primary resources in Boston, and inspiring me to dig, too.   Cecile Gardner and Stuart Walker at the Boston Public Library: for providing me with key documents for my efforts. I am still digesting all the wonderful information.   Barbara Blumenthal, in the Mortimer Rare Book Room of Smith College's Neilson Library, for providing me with a number of Sacker titles I was not aware of, early in my hunt.  Debbie Watson and Roland Goodbody at the Library of the University of New Hampshire for helping me find three elusive Sacker bookplates.  Fran Rogers, the grand-niece of Amy Sacker, for her support and providing me with some wonderful photos of Amy and other fascinating items.

      My colleagues Lynda Kellam, Amy Harris, Tricia Juettemeyer, Dan McClure, Hannah Winkler, Paul Hessling, Bill Finley, and Carolyn Shankle : for all their expertise of various kinds.  My colleagues Michael Ingram and Chris Waters  for their considerable help migrating the entire site in August, 2010.

      Librarians around the country who have kindly sent me images of books in their collections to add to the site.

      And, above all, to my wife, Pamela McRae : for tolerating all the books that keep piling up in our house, and for inspiring me every day.





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