Florestane                    monogram Florestane monogram


Florestane the Troubadour,  by Julia de Wolf Addison

       Dana Estes, 1903

This title also has an identical, signed dust jacket. Addison was a friend of Sacker's; both were artists from the Boston area. Sacker designed a bookplate for Addison and her husband. The Addisons were also close to the Goodhues, as both Julia and Henry Eldredge Goodhue (1873-1918) designed elements of the All Saints Parish church in Brookline, MA.  Sacker also did a bookplate for Goodhue. The scarce dust jacket, repeating the cover design with Amy's monogram, is seen below. In 1929, this central image was re-used, by L. C. Page, for the cover of Evaleen Stein's Troubadour Tales!


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My thanks to Gumshoe Books, of West Columbia, SC, for this scarce image!