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Little Puritan Rebel


In addition to her extensive work designing book covers, bookplates, and other types of design, Amy Sacker illustrated a number of books for the L. C. Page and other Boston publishers.


Checklist of Sacker's book illustrations


Several of them come from the Little Puritan series, first published between 1896 and 1905. Here we see two illustrations from   A Little Puritan Rebel (1898, 1909) by Edith Robinson.

One frequently found category in her illustration work is the title page. Her several designs were often repeated on numerous titles. Click here to see examples of this title-page work.

     Little Puritan Rebel


  Here are several images from a very scarce title, Charles Lee Sleight's The Prince of the Pin Elves (L. C. Page [ also H. M. Caldwell ], 1897).

     Prince of the Pin Elves: "Then let us fall to without delay"         Prince of the Pin Elves:  "Wamby seized the pin . . .


           Pin Elves:  Frontispiece                  Prince of the Pin Elves  "On the wardrobe"


        Prince of the Pin Elves               Prince of the Pin Elves

Pin Elves   jewels in a box             pin elves                    Pin elves  "Please give me back my hat"


[   Images from The Prince of the Pin Elves were kindly provided by  Rare Books and Special Collections, Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina.   ]

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