Amy Sacker at Simmons College




In 1906, the Simmons College "Senior Book" lists Amy as follows:

Listed as "Instructor on House Decoration"

In 1907, the "Senior Book" lists Amy this way, as do "Annual catalogues" of the school:


Listed as "Instructor on Decoration and Design"


From 1910 to 1913:   The "Microcosm" ['The Simmons College Annual'] lists Amy as follows:                                                                        


Listed as "Instructor in Decoration and Design"

1914:   The "Microcosm" lists Amy this way:                                                                           

Simmons 1914

Now listed as "Instructor in
Housebuilding-Design" !

1915:   The "Microcosm" lists Amy this way:


Now listed as "Instructor in
Interior Decoration"

From 1916 to 1919:   The "Microcosm" lists Amy as follows:


Simmons College 1919

Now listed as "Special Instructor in
Interior Decoration"

(Note that her school is call the 'Amy H. Sacker School')


In November, 1919, the "Simmons College Review" described a talk Amy gave about her work with the Triangle Film Company in Hollywood, a company known for having Buster Keaton and D. W. Griffith working there.

1919 Hollywood talk

In 1919, the Course Catalog and Bulletin indicate Amy's work, including lectures to the Library Science program:

Simmons art history

This class was taught at the Boston Mueum of Fine Arts.

course catalog

In the December, 1920 issue of the "Simmons College Review", we learn that Amy has created a poster for that year's Endowment campaign.

In 1920, the "Microcosm" lists Amy this way:



Fine Arts 1920

No Longer listed among the 'Technical Classes', Amy is a member of the faculty in Fine Arts

An assistant of hers, at her own school, has replaced her as "Special Instructor" !!

After 1920, Amy seems not to appear on the faculty of Simmons College, But her assistant at the "Sacker School of Design" (formerly "for Women"), Blanche Leonard Morse, would teach in Fine Arts until 1924.,