POSSIBLE Amy Sacker Bindings

Amy's Monogram   

We have identified over 350 books whose covers were created by Amy Sacker. Not 350 different designs, however, because several were reused over and over. [ See this page for one example.] Below, we will present covers which contain elements of Amy's work, produced, in many cases, by publishers for whom she had done other designs. We think they could be by Amy.

Anna the Adventress Little, Brown, 1904.

Art Lovers Treasury Dana Estes, 1905 (the garland design is very familiar)

Brenda he School Little, Brown, 1900 (faces and lettering quite similar)

Cadet Standish W. A. Wilde, 1899 (clouds like these are seen elsewhere in Amy's work)

Candy Country -- Alcott Little, Brown, 1900

child and the Tree Thomas Crowell, 1902 (Apparently, the only book Ulrich ever wrote). My thanks to the Rare Book Collection at Columbia University for this scarce image!

Countess of the Tenements Dana Estes, 1900

Dolls' Journey Little, Brown, 1902

Firelight Stories ?? (Not in WorldCat !)

Found by the Circus Thomas Crowell, 1901 (Amy did two dozen covers for Otis books)

From Kingdom to Colony Little, Brown, 1899                     in white

Hearts and Creeds Little, Brown, 1906 (author's name very similar to signed covers)

Her Little Brother Little, Brown, 1901. (Similar to some Alcott covers)

Heroes of Iceland Little, Brown, 1905.

Marjorie's Three Gifts Little, Brown, 1899

Mary's Meadow Little, Brown, 1900

My Lady Nicotine [ by JM Barrie, of Peter Pan fame !] Joseph Knight, 1896

New England History in Ballads Little, Brown, 1903

Nine choice poems American Book Company, 1906

On the Firing Line Little, Brown, 1905

Rita (Laura Richards) Dana Estes, 1900                 yellow version

Rose a Charlitte L. C. Page, 1898

With Taylor Dana Estes, 1901. (Bonehill is a pseudonym for Edward Stratemeyer)