Jackanapes (1895)

    Sacker designed the title page as well as doing the illustrations:

title page

A copy of this title in the Special Collections unit of the James C. Kirkpatrick Library, University of Central Missouri, has a wonderfully handpainted title page and frontispiece

+ + + + + +

The  "Contents" design later appeared (unsigned) in gilt on the cover of Charles Westward Ho! . It resurfaced in 2013 (!!) on an invitation from the Valle Monte Organization in San Jose, CA.

    Jackanapes contents         Kackanapes monogram         Jackanapes Illustrations     


       Jackanapes frontispiece                                                   

        Frontispiece of Jackanapes (1895)


        Jackanapes horseman                                           Jackanapes    


Jackanapes Finis    

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