Title-Page Designs


Amy Sacker

      Gabriel title page             Evans of Suffolk tp

This border design for L. C. Page, found in at least nine different works with various fonts for the lettering, first appeared about 1903.

                              "Hidden" monogram

This richlyArt Nouveau design, with its hard-to-see monogram, appears in several diverse titles, including three works by Arthur Morrison: The Red Triangle (L. C. Page, 1903)The Green Diamond (L. C. Page, 1904 / A. Wessels Co., 1908) and The Chronicles of Martin Hewitt, Detective (L. C. Page, 1907).

                                In the Brooding Wild tp                                          Murray davenport tp    

This relatively simple design appears on at least three title pages; it appears on another Stephens title, The Bright Face of Danger  (1904). Sacker's monogram appear in the lower right of the design:

In the Brooding Wild monogram


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